A Quicker Path to Coverage: Life Insurance with No Medical Exam

If you're like many, you may think purchasing life insurance requires full underwriting — a process that involves a lot of paperwork and medical tests to assess the eligibility and risk of an applicant. While this is one way to obtain coverage, it isn't your only option. There is a much simpler path to getting life insurance.

Life Insurance with Simplified Underwriting

There are life insurance policies that don't require a visit to the doctor, lab work, or a great deal of paperwork — this is often referred to as "no medical exam" life insurance. Usually, you only need to answer a few short yes or no questions and provide some basic health information when applying. This process is called simplified underwriting.

Advantages of No Medical Exam Life Insurance

It's convenient Icon It’s convenient — Some companies allow you to purchase life insurance from the convenience of your own home, without having to take any medical tests or visit a doctor.
Affordable Icon Affordable — You may be surprised to learn that many no medical exam life insurance policies can be affordable and offer a large range of coverage amounts that may fit your needs.
It's Quick Icon It’s quick — No medical exam life insurance allows you to acquire protection in a fraction of the time it takes to purchase a policy with full medical underwriting.
Avoids full underwriting Icon Avoids full underwriting — Life insurance without a medical exam may be a good option if you have concerns about extensive tests and or do not have the time to see your health provider.
Fits individual needs Icon Fit individual needs — Whether you’re in search of first-time coverage, or looking to supplement your existing insurance, no medical exam life insurance is a simple way to help protect your family's future and fit your individual needs.

Choosing Life Insurance That’s Right For You

If you decide that life insurance without a medical exam is the right choice for you, it’s easy to get started. Many companies allow you to request information or apply for this type of insurance online or through the mail.

Regardless of the type of policy you choose, it’s important to select a life insurance provider that you can trust. Be sure to choose a stable company with strong financial strength ratings that you can count on now, and in the future.

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